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Comic books don’t have boring characters

Just boring takes on characters

As I took more than 2,000 words to say last week, Batman comics have done a pretty interesting thing with Kite Man this year.

You heard me: Kite Man.

Now, you can experience those words, or words like them — along with accompanying images, arranged sequentially — in the form of the latest episode of Issue at Hand. Issue at Hand is Polygon’s show about the weird world of comics, hosted by me, Susana Polo.

Today, I explore how comic book superheroes and villains can mutate over time, thanks to the eternally regenerating nature of Marvel and DC’s publishing models. It’s easy to see how Batman and Superman have changed over time — but that evolution has applied to their supporting casts as well.

And if any comic book character can change, that means that any comic book character — even the sillies, most boring one — might be one you care about a few years down the line.

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