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Super Mario Odyssey guide: Cap Kingdom all purple coin locations

How to find every purple coin in the Cap Kingdom


There are two kinds of collectibles in each Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of every kingdom coin in the Cap Kingdom.

There are 50 coins to collect in the Cap Kingdom.

Cap Kingdom coins map

By the Odyssey

  1. Face your ship and turn right. Three coins are between a hill and the fence.
  2. Head toward the bridge. Three coins are in the water just before the bridge.

Central Plaza

  1. Three coins are above the gateway into Central Plaza.
  2. Three coins are hidden behind wooden pillars. Use Cappy to move the pillars.
  3. Four coins are hidden behind a stack of eight wooden crates built into a wall. Use Cappy to destroy the crates.
  4. Destroy some crates on the side of the area, and you’ll unveil a hidden alcove with four coins. (Check out the fourth image in the gallery above to see the location of the four coins.)

Central Plaza red hat door

High up on a wall, you’ll find four coins.

In the fog

Possess a flying Goomba to find these coins in the following locations:

  1. Beneath an overhanging section of Central Plaza, you’ll find four coins.
  2. On a hat inside the fog near the four coins above, you’ll find four coins.
  3. On a hat underneath a bridge’s archway, you’ll find four coins.

On the way up the tower

Turn around immediately after you enter, and jump on the question mark blocks. You’ll unveil two invisible blocks. Jump on them and then on top of the wall that contains the door where you entered. There are four coins here.

As you make your way up the tower, there are four coins on top of a pillar in the water.

In the red hat room on top of the tower


After some platforming at the beginning of this stage, you’ll turn the corner as electric Mario. The coins are suspended above a blue push-block. Press ZL or ZR when you’re on the node in the middle to drop down and get them.

In the hat room behind the tower

Underneath the platform where you collect the first moon, there’s a broken square of fence. Fly through that (watch out for the big wave!), and you’ll find three coins on a platform at the far end of the room.

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