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Vine-inspired Halloween short film contest makes pizza the bad guy

Or the victim

If you’re like me, you spend the majority of your day thinking about the future that could have been if only Vine survived.

A new contest being held in partnership between Live Me, a mobile video platform, and Cheez, a new Vine-like app, is asking people to create short videos for Halloween. Each video can be up to 17 seconds in length, but the catch is that it has to incorporate pizza in some fashion. In the first video, for example, a clown inspired by It’s Pennywise learns he’s not scary enough to make it in the why-are-you-so-murderous-looking clown business and is forced to take a job as a pizza delivery guy — while still in costume.

Cheez is basically an iteration of Vine but with longer, 17-second videos. Like Vine, the 17-second looping videos will play on the app and can be shared within the app. Unlike Vine, they aren’t as easily shareable to other platforms, like Twitter. Live Me, one of the fastest growing apps around the world, has more than 35 million users.

A compilation video of the best video submissions so far is available to watch above. There are numerous references to typical horror tropes, including waking up from a bad dream only to learn it was real, and some familiar faces. Freddy Krueger makes an appearance, for example. There are also a few videos that imagine popular pizza toppings like pepperoni being made out of human flesh — like the very popular and good Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror segment, “Nightmare Cafeteria.”

The videos aren’t as funny as some of Vine’s were, but there’s something about short videos that force people to be at their most creative.

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