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Overwatch’s Genji and Hanzo get cute in new Nendoroid figures

Super Nendo Bros.

Nendoroid Genji and Hanzo
Goodsmile Company

Overwatch’s Shimada brothers, Genji and Hanzo, are joining the lineup of adorable Nendoroid figures based on Blizzard’s wildly popular shooter. Nendoroid Genji and Nendoroid Hanzo will join Mei, Mercy and Tracer as part of toymaker Goodsmile’s action figure line next year.

Nendoroid Genji will come with his classic silver and green skin, as well as a number of accessories that highlight his abilities. Genji will come with a sword, the sparrow feather that appears in Blizzard’s “Dragons” animated short, and translucent accessories based on the ninja’s Deflect and Dragonblade skills.

His brother, Nendoroid Hanzo, will come with his own set of accessories, including alternate facial expressions, a bow and arrow (of course) and twin dragons that mimic the archer’s Dragonstrike attack.

Nendoroid Genji and Nendoroid Hanzo are available for pre-order from Goodsmile for $49.99. The toys are expected to ship in June 2018. Take a look at both figures in the gallery below.

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