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Deaf clan takes down Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid with ingenuity and determination

Signals in-game and a chat app help bring down Calus


An 11-member Destiny 2 clan of deaf gamers has triumphed over Calus, the final boss in the game’s Leviathan raid. Destiny 2 players know much much in-game communication this requires, so this is quite a feat indeed.

The clan, deaferroralwaysfamous, accomplished this Thursday evening using pre-typed signals on the Glide video chat app and in-game signs indicating how to coordinate the attack on Calus.

Raiders know that in a battle partway through the boss fight, Calus will begin showing symbols on the center of his forehead. Three “Readers” on the team in an alternate realm are assigned to quickly call them out, so the “Puncher” can determine the correct attack to make on their side.

How did DEAF accomplish that? Ic3bear76, a clan admin, said they used Glide to quickly signal S for Sun, D for Dog, C for Cup or A for axe. “So 3 peop’e just type to call out. I'll know which to punch the bubble,” they said.

“Your method is actually probably more efficient than people actually talking and saying it,” replied redditor BROSHAMBO. “Most of the time we talk over one another and can't hear what people are calling out anyways or the microphones will cut out.”

The Gauntlet portion of the raid also requires coordination and communication. For their raid, DEAF had its ballcarriers jumping to signal shooting at the top gate, using a wave emote for the middle gate, and crouching for the bottom one. “Gauntlet and dogs are actually easier for us really,” Ic3bear76 said.

Polygon’s guides have much more on the strategy needed to get through one of the game’s centerpiece raids. Meantime, congratulations to icbear76 and the rest of the clan. It took them three months to pull it off, but at last they did.

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