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Here’s a 90-second recap of all the lore in Assassin’s Creed Origins

There’s a lot of ground, and time, to cover

Condensing the lore spanning 10 AAA-games in a series now a decade old into a single minute (or two) might be an unreasonable expectation. But the YouTube channel LORE accepts the challenge with Assassin’s Creed Origins, which launched on Friday.

Snipping the wire at 1:50, Lore in a Minute fixates on how Assassin’s Creed ongoing existential struggle between Assassins and Templars fits in, especially as this game precedes the events of the first Assassin’s Creed by about 1,500 years on the timeline.

It should go without saying that, to cover so much ground, this video is slam full of spoilers. So if you’re still slogging through any of the nine other games, there’s a possibility there is something in here you haven’t yet seen.

It covers the new hero, Bayek; how historical figures such as Cleopatra fit in; who the Medjay are and how they relate to the Assassins’ order; whose side the pharoahs are on and why; and of course, the mysterious Isu, whose activities explain the origins of humankind here on Earth.

And, for more on Assassins’ Creed Origins, there’s Polygon’s review, the first 90 minutes of the game and a ranking of the games in the series.

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