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The Polygon Show will stream live on Twitter starting Oct. 12

That’s right, we’re pivoting to video

Polygon Show hosts from left to right: Chelsea Stark, Ashley Oh, Simone de Rochefort, Allegra Frank Austin Pikulski/Vox Studios

This June, we launched The Polygon Show, our flagship podcast featuring the minds and voices of our very best. Simone de Rochefort, Allegra Frank, Ashley Oh and Chelsea Stark gather each week to discuss the world of gaming like only they can. It gets sweaty. It gets angry. It gets weird.

But it gets weird in a way y’all seem to appreciate. Since launching, The Polygon Show has been met with overwhelming support from an incredible community of listeners. The emails are lovely, the tweets are wonderful and the fan art is completely off the chain.

We want more people to enjoy The Polygon Show in more ways. Starting on Thursday, Oct. 12, we are taking a huge new step: The Polygon Show is launching as a streaming video show on Twitter Live. The video broadcast will kick off every Thursday at 5 p.m. ET. (We’re commandeering the hashtag #PolygonShow for this one.)

Going live on Twitter means a lot of things. It means you’ll be able to see the Coke Zero spill. You’ll be able to tell the difference between Simone and Chelsea, even if their own families can’t. It also means there are going to be more ways to reach out and be part of the show! We’ll be checking your tweets and chatting about them live.

If you’re a fan of the podcast, don’t worry! It will still hit your podcatcher every Friday morning. If you’re not a fan of the podcast, I can’t believe you’ve read this far already.

We love working on The Polygon Show, and we really think this next chapter will be a good one. We’re so grateful that you’ve come this far with us, and we can’t wait to make this thing even bigger and better.


- Producer Pat

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