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Destiny’s remaining PlayStation exclusives finally arrive on Xbox

Yes, that’s the original Destiny we’re talking about

Destiny: The Taken King - Echo Chamber strike screenshot 1920
An image of Echo Chamber, a strike that debuted in the PlayStation versions of 2015’s Destiny: The Taken King.
Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

All of the original Destiny’s PlayStation-exclusive content is, at long last, available on Xbox, finally bringing people on Microsoft systems up to speed after multiple years of lagging behind their Sony counterparts.

Thanks to a marketing deal between Sony and Destiny publisher Activision, the game and all of its expansions — and now Destiny 2 — have featured content that is available first on PlayStation, not Xbox. The content includes items like powerful exotic-level weapons; lengthy cooperative missions called strikes; quest lines; maps for the Crucible, the game’s competitive multiplayer component; vehicles such as Sparrows, a Guardian’s personal hovercraft; and unique sets of armor.

Activision and Sony originally behaved as if the exclusivity window for each set of content would run for one year. For instance, Destiny launched in September 2014 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and the PlayStation-only content from its first year wasn’t released on Xbox until September 2015 — alongside the game’s third expansion, Destiny: The Taken King.

However, Activision and Sony have always left themselves some wiggle room with the wording of the timing by saying that content will remain exclusive until “at least [a year from its PlayStation debut].” The phrase “at least” does a lot of work there: Last summer — when everybody was expecting that The Taken King’s PlayStation exclusives would arrive on Xbox in September 2016 alongside the Rise of Iron expansion — Activision and Sony quietly pushed them back for an additional year.

As of today — more than two years after the debut of The Taken King — anybody who owns the expansion on Xbox 360 or Xbox One has access to the following items that were originally exclusive to its PS3 and PS4 versions:

  • Jade Rabbit, an exotic scout rifle
  • Zen Meteor, an exotic sniper rifle
  • Sector 618, a Crucible map set on Earth
  • Echo Chamber, a strike on Venus
  • Sublime Engram armor sets for each of the three classes
  • “Fight Fire with Fire” quest from Petra Venj
Destiny: Rise of Iron - Icarus Crucible multiplayer combat
Crucible action on the Icarus map from Destiny: Rise of Iron.

On the plus side, Sony and Activision did not extend the window for the PS4-exclusive items in Rise of Iron. The following content is now available on Xbox One:

  • Icarus, a Crucible map set on Mercury
  • Iron Camelot armor for all classes from Dusty Iron Engrams
  • “Show of Strength” quest from Tyra Karn

With Rise of Iron, Destiny developer Bungie also added a number of new items that were available only in a Treasure of Ages package. (That’s a mystery box that debuted in March 2017’s Age of Triumph update for Destiny.) Until this point, players on both PS4 and Xbox One could only hope to get those items as a random drop from a Treasure of Ages box. Now they can buy whatever they want directly from the Eververse Trading Company with the in-game currency Silver Dust. Here’s the full list:

  • Chronoshot ornament for Vex Mythoclast
  • Devourer of Moons ornament for Necrochasm
  • Settled Score ornament for Touch of Malice
  • Undiscovered Country ornament for No Land Beyond
  • Basilisk’s Glory ornament for the Suros Regime
  • Tigershark ornament for Dragon’s Breath
  • Perfected Predator ornament for Lord of Wolves
  • Brushfire shader
  • Barrage shader
  • The Blast of War shader

In case you’re wondering about Destiny 2, well, Activision and Sony are saying that its PS4 exclusives won’t be available in the Windows PC or Xbox One versions of the game until “at least Fall 2018.” That’s the line for now, anyway.

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