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The Last of Us Part 2’s new trailer is absolutely brutal

Not for the faint of heart

Sony debuted new footage from The Last of Us Part 2 during its Paris Games Week showcase, and here’s your first warning: It’s hard to watch.

In just a few minutes, we see someone being hanged, arrows shot through people’s faces, various other mutilations and plenty of blood. But the cinematic does look beautiful, and The Last of Us wasn’t exactly a good ol’ happy time.

There’s still no release date on The Last of Us Part 2, so this footage will have to do for now. We first saw The Last of Us Part 2 last December, when a teaser premiered as part of the annual PlayStation Experience event.

The sequel to the critically beloved The Last of Us will launch sometime in 2018, according to Naughty Dog. It will reunite original stars Ellie, who’s much older now, and Joel. Neither one appeared in the trailer, however, so we’ll have to wait for our next look at how they’re doing.

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