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Detroit: Become Human’s new trailer is a full-on family drama

The game launches next spring

Detroit: Become Human will launch next spring, Sony announced today during its Paris Games Week 2017 press briefing. The company revealed the launch window for choose-your-own adventure game from French studio Quantic Dream alongside a lengthy gameplay trailer — which shows off one of the most intense family dinners we’ve seen in quite some time.

This gameplay footage stars the android Kara, who lives with a human family. While young Alice’s father Todd hurls insults and curse words and even dining tables at Alice, Kara is given the option to stand up for her young human companion ... or stay true to her android nature.

The player controlling the scenario in this trailer decides to protect Alice, which is a nice, cathartic way to end this otherwise traumatic scene. It’s a little hard to watch, and the story ends on a cliffhanger — as director David Cage is wont to do. We’ll see more of Kara and the rest of the androids’ stories when the PlayStation 4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human arrives next year.

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