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LocoRoco 2 is heading to PS4 this winter

The adorable platformer looks dang good in 4K

LocoRoco 2 - blue ball with yellow star SIE Japan Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation Portable classic LocoRoco 2 is finding a new life on PlayStation 4 this December, Sony revealed during Paris Games Week’s pre-show. Not only that, but it will look better than ever, thanks to updated 4K resolution.

LocoRoco 2 first launched in North America back in 2009, although it came to other regions at the end of 2008. The PS4 remaster’s Dec. 9 release date means it will be just shy of the original game’s tenth anniversary, but we’ll take more LocoRoco where we can get it.

Earlier this year, Sony re-released the original LocoRoco on PS4 as well. That means that, as of December, half of the LocoRoco series will be on the home console. Whether this suggests that Sony is thinking about reviving its roly-poly platforming series is anyone’s guess, but we’d be happy to see new adventures in the series’ happy, colorful world.

LocoRoco 2 is available to pre-order on PlayStation 4 now, ahead of its Dec. 9 launch.

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