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Surprise: PS4 fantasy game Oure is announced and available today

Let’s call it a Journey-alike

Announced at the end of today’s PlayStation Paris Games Week pre-show, Oure — pronounced oh-ray — is a new PS4 indie title developed by Heavy Spectrum Limited, the studio behind last year’s Shadow of the Beast remaster. What’s more, this new title is available ... today, on the PlayStation Store. It’s on sale there for $20 right now.

Here’s the game’s description from the store:

Take flight in a dream-like cloudscape as you seek to reawaken the relics of a lost civilization. As a unique child born with the powers of the ancient dragons, your parents cast you from the stricken surface into the land above the skies. There you must use the abilities of both your human and dragon forms to amass magical power, solve strange mysteries and seek out the enigmatic 'Titans' that can revive the world.

Even more notably, the store listing describes the gameplay as “non-violent” and the format as “track down and awaken the eight great Titans.” As far as elevator pitches go, Journey meets Shadow of the Colossus isn’t a bad one.

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