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Spelunky 2 trailer reveals there is still good in this world

Spelunky 2
Spelunky 2

Ahead of the PlayStation event at Paris Games Week, Sony revealed a teaser trailer for Spelunky 2. The brief promo didn’t include any gameplay, but did show a collection of photographs that suggest the hero of the original Spelunky has grown older, found love and had a child.

The original Spelunky (and its remaster, Spelunky HD) had players navigating a series of randomized locales, including temples, caves, tombs, a UFO and hell. Despite its colorful, cartoon aesthetic, Spelunky is known for its steep and rewarding learning curve.

Like the original, Spelunky 2 is developed by Mossmouth. There is no current release date, and its unclear if the game will appear on consoles and PC, or just PS4.

Some folks (like your humble writer) believe Spelunky is the greatest video game of all time. These folks are correct. If you’d like to try Spelunky for yourself, the original is available for free here.

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