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Steven Universe has a return date

New episodes will be available on the Cartoon Network App first

We haven’t seen hide nor hair of the monumentally popular but elusive Steven Universe in six months, but Cartoon Network just gave the heads up on when new episodes will be revealed.

The official Twitter account of the Cartoon Network PR team tweeted out a new trailer for the batch of episodes with the news: Six new episodes will hit the Cartoon Network app next week, on Nov. 10. The episodes will air on Cartoon Network “beginning in December,” according to a Cartoon Network press release.

A Cartoon Network representative confirmed to Polygon that the episodes will be available on the app from Nov. 10 through to the show’s premiere on television, though they could not give further details on when in December the show would air.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Cartoon Network has released episodes of Steven Universe on its app before they aired on television. Earlier this year, five episodes appeared and disappeared on the app so quickly and with so little explanation from Cartoon Network that they were roundly assumed to have been leaked. However, the push and take down of the episodes was intentional on Cartoon Network’s part.

The Cartoon Network app is available on the Apple, Android and Amazon devices.

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