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I think Assassin’s Creed Origins just spoiled a quest for me?


Assassin’s Creed Origins - Bayek holding up shield to block fire arrows Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft
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Last night I was jogging happily through Lake Mareotis, avenging local crimes as Bayek in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Then the game broke the fourth wall, in a way that was a little ... strange? And OK, Assassin’s Creed is kind of synonymous with breaking the fourth wall. But here’s what happened.

This post contains spoilers for a minor early mission in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

I was pursuing a quest to figure out why there were so many fake mummies in the local market. A man in the market told me that he had information on who was forcing merchants to sell the fakes. He wanted to discuss it at dusk in the farmland at the edge of town, where no one could overhear us.

At that point, it was about mid-day. Rather than time-cycle to night, I decided to let a natural day pass and do some other missions in the area first. So I went over to the farm to see what there was to see.

A blue skull marker on the map caught my eye. These blue skulls mark opportunities where you can avenge the death of another player. Let’s call the player Kenny092, because that’s vaguely what I remember their name was.

Kenny092 had died tragically in a field, and I accepted the offer to avenge them. Several shenanigans with crocodiles later, I completed the quest and re-selected my original quest: to meet with this strange man.

I quickly realized that my evening meeting to discuss fake mummies was happening ... in the exact field where Kenny092 had tragically perished.


You can guess what’s going to happen here — and sure, maybe in hindsight it was a bad idea to meet a dude on the edge of town where no one can hear you scream. Long story short, my merchant friend was a traitor and a bunch of guys tried to kill me. Just like they killed Kenny.

I was able to fight them off with no trouble (sorry, Kenny) and was left thinking: Huh!

Getting a tip-off that my quest-giver was a traitor wasn’t a big deal in the long run, but a fourth wall-breaking mission did spoil a very minor mission for me.

These Avenge missions generally happen in places with lots of enemies, like bandit camps. I can’t imagine this sort of thing will happen a lot, but I guess I can say this: Keep on eye on where your fellow Origins players have died. It may clue you in to impending danger.

Also, avenge them when you can. Doing a good deed feels good, and getting XP for it feels even better.

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