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Injustice 2 is bringing Atom to the fight

Good luck with that tiny hitbox

Atom is presented as the latest combatant in Injustice 2 with this trailer and, you know, suddenly I no longer disparage the comic book staple power of shrinking.

I get pissed off at gnats, midges and flies, but I’ve never had one evade my useless swats, then grow to double my size and hit me like a lifetime supply of bad news.

This is an unusual new-character reveal for Injustice 2 in that Hellboy, Black Manta and Raiden are part of Fighter Pack No. 2 (along with a Black Lightning Skin), and yet Atom is revealed before Hellboy joins the game. Raiden joined the roster just yesterday, even.

Atom is “coming soon” according to the trailer, so perhaps this is a teaser for the next fighter pack? Nine additional characters have been promised in Injustice 2’s premium DLC schedule.

Injustice 2 launched back in May for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We scored it a 9, saying it has “the best, most polished, most impressively produced story mode to ever feature in a fighting game.”

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