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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s Black Panther and Sigma trailer unveiled

Sigma, Black Panther and Monster Hunter arrive Oct. 17

Fans of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite have already seen the in-game models for Black Panther and Sigma in earlier materials Capcom has shared for the fighting game. But a newly released trailer finally shows off what the two can do in combat.

While the trailer spends its short run-time trying to cram in as much action between the both characters, it’s still easy to recognize how they will fit into the game’s cast and where their move sets draw inspiration from.

Similar to what we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe titles, Black Panther maintains his agile, cat-like style of combat. With his huge slashing attacks and ability to bounce off walls mid-combo, he looks like a mix between newcomer Ultron and fan-favorite Strider. His ability to jump around and stick to walls can be used to escape danger or to set up elaborate combos. On the other hand, Sigma’s slower, sword-based fighting style makes him a familiar mix between Zero and Thanos. He also has the ability to control combat by opening up rifts that can slow opponents down and his counter attack positions him behind enemies.

Considering the fact that the duo didn’t get as long and as elaborate of a trailer as their DLC counterpart Monster Hunter, the clip does end with a valuable piece of information: a launch date. All three DLC characters will be available on Oct. 17.

Along with their release, their premium costumes will also be available on the same day. Details on premium costumes for the rest of the cast have been announced on Capcom Unity’s blog, but no further details on dates or pricing has been revealed.

For more information, check out our Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite review.

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