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Ditto gets the total banger it deserves

A little late to be Song of the Summer 2K17, but we’ll take it

The latest jam in the ever-growing collection of Pokémon songs — which includes unforgettable tunes about Slowpoke and Magikarp — is about our favorite shapeshifter, Ditto.

It’s a celebration of Ditto’s status as the Pokémon world’s ultimate trickster, taking on the appearance of other Pokémon with aplomb. Ditto might stumble upon a pack of other Pokémon and feel lonely; where are its pals? But it turns out those other Pokémon are just some disguised Ditto. Classic, classic situation.

The song also addresses one of the biggest questions about Ditto life: What happens when a Ditto takes on another Ditto in battle? Since the only attack the monster knows is Transform, does it ... just turn into itself?

Yep. That’s exactly what happens. And Ditto, we love you for it anyway. Especially when your story is told through an adorably catchy song. The whole thing is in Japanese, but YouTube’s translation function does a pretty commendable job at giving us the scoop. You bet we’re going to be adding this to our Pokémon jam playlist. (Hit me up if you want the mixtape.)

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