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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon get dark — literally — in new trailer

Don’t expect a Sun and Moon retread, folks

The Pokémon Company has mostly kept details about November’s Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which follow last year’s Pokémon Sun and Moon, close to the vest. The game’s latest trailer changes that up, introducing us to some new Ultra Beasts, and a city and storyline that looks a whole lot darker than our last visit to the Alola region.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will take players to a new realm, sending them through what’s called an “ultra wormhole” to find a parallel universe to Alola. Once at the capital city of Ultra Megopolis, it’s clear that something’s off: Necrozma, the most mysterious legendary from the previous seventh-gen titles, has darkened the entire Pokémon world, robbing it of its light sources.

An enemy force called the Ultra Recon Squad looks to profit off this catastrophe, seeking out auras that emanate from some of Bizarro Alola’s most powerful Pokémon trainers. (This, presumably, will include our player character.) In Ultra Sun, the team is headed up by Dulse and Zossie; in Ultra Moon, we’ll take on Soliera and Phyco.

There are also several new Ultra Beasts, the not-quite-Pokémon entities that caused trouble in Sun and Moon, hanging around this depressed land. These are the poison-type UB Adhesive, the fire/ghost-type UB Burst and the rock/steel-type UB Assembly. Each one has the ability Beast Boost, and we imagine they’ll give us the runaround when trying to catch them during our adventure.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will launch on Nov. 17 on Nintendo 3DS.

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