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Players found a weird new glitch with Destiny 2's first raid boss

This cheese may turn your stomach

An enterprising group of players have discovered what looks like a nasty glitch with the first raid boss in Destiny 2. It makes the final encounter a breeze.

In a video, which was posted to YouTube yesterday, they show a team of five defeating Calus without any additional enemies spawning into the throne room. It’s an exploit, to be sure, but it’s not the first one in the long history of the franchise. We have our most powerful guardians working to try and duplicate it right now, but here’s how it’s supposed to work.

What follows are spoilers for the Leviathan raid boss in Destiny 2.

When you first enter the throne room, one player needs to stand on the left rear platform near the blue brazier. The other players post up just below Calus. As one, they leap onto Calus’ platform and shoot the chalice out of his hand, starting the raid. Once Calus stands, they will instantly be crushed by a vicious stomp.

At the same time they’re being stomped, the fifth player needs to move close enough to the brazier on the other side of the room to begin taking damage. Then that player goes into the menu system to change characters, stopping when they reach the final confirmation page.

From there it’s about synchronization. The player in the menus need to hit the confirm button at the precise moment that the countdown screen goes black to reset the raid. If you get it right, you’ll spawn back into the throne room. This time, all the doors will be open. When you begin the raid again, no additional enemies will spawn in.

So long as you have enough ammunition, the raid is a cakewalk from that point on.

This fireteam, composed of members of a clan from TheModfather Gaming, only has five players in it, but the video claims that it works with between four and six.

Again, this strategy is unconfirmed. It’s also super cheesy, and clearly exploits the game’s death state and character transition systems that are working hard on player’s behalf in the background.

But, considering that once upon a time ago many guardians defeated Crota by simply pulling out their ethernet cables, this isn’t the worst thing we’ve ever seen.

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