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Stardew Valley leads a rad week for Nintendo Switch indies

A second solid week in a row for eShop

Oxenfree art Night School Studio

Today is a great day for Nintendo Switch owners nationwide: Stardew Valley is now available on the eShop. While the beloved farming sim is the biggest name on the list this week, it’s not the only download worth checking out.

Alongside the blessed portable version of one of 2016’s most relaxing games comes a new way to play another memorable indie from last year. Oxenfree, Night School Studio’s debut point-and-click mystery adventure game, is out on Switch tomorrow, Oct. 6. It’s an easy pick for anyone with a thing for realistic teen drama and supernatural happenings.

Axiom Verge is also available on Switch today, introducing some Metroidvania-style action for those who have finished Metroid: Samus Returns and still need that itch scratched. That means you can expect aliens and robots and lasers and all of that good stuff. If you played it on one of the myriad other platforms it’s been out on since 2015, you’re probably already familiar.

The full rundown of new games is below. We have a feeling Stardew Valley will be taking up most of our time, but consider the rest of these your palate cleansers.

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