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Pokémon fans are in love with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s cutest new monster

I just wanna give UB Adhesive a big ol’ hug

ub adhesive The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will introduce a litany of new faces to the series, but there’s only one that most fans have eyes for. UB Adhesive, the tiniest of the intimidating Ultra Beast clan, is so adorable that fans just can’t get enough of it — even if it’s technically not a good guy.

UB Adhesive is a teeny posion-type that looks like it was designed to be mass-produced and sold in plush form on store shelves nationwide. (C’mon: Its name is the unbearably cute “UB Sticky” in Japan. Tell me I’m wrong.) It’s a two-feet-tall purple thing that floats in the air, laughs during battle and seems to have an ever-present smile. It may belong to the Ultra Recon Squad, which is set to take down trainers in the latest pair of Pokémon games, but we’re all determined to make it our best friend.

There’s already some lovely fan art circulating online, like so:

People are threatening to end friendships over their love for UB Adhesive:

Part of the appeal is that it’s not as off-putting as the other Ultra Beasts. These non-Pokémon mostly look incredibly different from the cuddly monsters we’re used to, which helps to distinguish them. But UB Adhesive is the first one to seem like it could fit into the normal Pokémon universe.

That’s not a problem in my book. I’m looking forward to having a whole team full of the little dude once Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launch on Nintendo 3DS Nov. 17.

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