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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 skins leak and they are amazing

Zenyatta, Mei and Symmetra are getting new legendaries

Overwatch - Ana Halloween Terror
Ana’s legendary skin from Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard’s upcoming seasonal event for Overwatch, Halloween Terror 2017, kicks off next Tuesday, Oct. 10. But, as is common with Overwatch events, some of the game’s highly coveted legendary skins have started to leak out a bit early.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017’s new skins appear to have leaked out through online ads and other means, and have since been collected by the game’s subreddit.

Here’s one for Mei, which appears to be based on a Chinese hopping vampire, aka jiangshi.

Symmetra is also apparently getting a spooky new skin, which appears to be based on an ifrit (though given Blizzard’s visual style, it’s not far off from a Zerg-like look).

Finally, here’s a low-res sneak peek at something for Zenyatta, which looks deliciously Lovecraftian.

Blizzard announced earlier this week that Halloween Terror was coming back to Overwatch. The developer offered a glimpse at two new skins: a Van Helsing-inspired look for McCree and a Dracula-esque costume for Reaper.

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