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Golf Story’s worst bug is very meta (update)

What is this? A golf RPG for ants?

golf story outside the soda bar Sidebar Games

Golf Story is Nintendo Switch’s breakout indie hit this fall, but it’s not without it’s problems. Players are running into numerous glitches, with one bug in particular transforming them into ... well, bugs.

Not literal bugs, to be clear. The main character’s sprite just shrinks down to ant-size if players save while they’re in the Tidy Park Clubhouse, an area that features in several of the game’s quests.

“It loads normally, but when it opens, the character sprite is tiny, and unable to walk to the left or interact with NPCs,” wrote an affected user in one of several Reddit threads about the issue. “You can also walk up the walls and into the blacked out portion of the map.”

The video below shows what that looks like in action. It’s pretty funny to an outsider, but consider that people are running into this as late as 10, even 20 hours into the game.

There’s no workaround or fix yet. If this happens to you, the only solution so far is to start the game all over. That may be enough to turn people off Golf Story completely, considering other big releases like Stardew Valley and the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey are looking to command everyone’s attention.

We’ve reached out to developer Sidebar Games to see if a patch is on the way.

Update: Sidebar Games confirmed to Polygon that it has caught the bug in an upcoming patch.

“Yes, this will be fixed in a patch shortly,” a representative told us. “We're submitting it now, just have to wait for the approval.”

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