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Learn what secrets and oddities exist beyond the frame of Silent Hill 2

This is a very cool look at a classic game

Silent Hill 2 for the PlayStation 2 is a notoriously murky game, known as much for what you can’t see as what’s visible. The fog, combined with a locked camera, always limited what you were able to make out in the distance.

Until now.

YouTuber Shesez has released a video that shows what’s happening beyond the bounds of the screen in Silent Hill 2, using a tool that allows him to pull the camera back and explore the environments while also removing the game’s fog.

The video above is one of the first times many Silent Hill fans will get to see these environments clearly, and learn what exists in the game and what doesn’t.

You’ll also learn some neat behind-the-scenes tricks that explain how a few of the setpieces were created inside the game’s engine. It’s fun to see what happens to some of the characters once they leave the area of the screen you’re supposed to see and enter the part of the game that’s meant to be invisible.

Also hey, this is how mirrors work in the game!

This is an enlightening look at what used to be a very dark game, and the channel is filled with other videos in this series. Enjoy!

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