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Bulbasaur finally invited into Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Pokémon collection

The most ignored starter, vindicated

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bulbasaur build a bear Build-A-Bear Workshop/The Pokémon Company

It’s happened: Bulbasaur, the one remaining original starter Pokémon, is now available in Build-A-Bear plush form.

Build-A-Bear Workshop has begun selling an online exclusive bundle featuring a pre-stuffed Bulbasaur, Kanto’s grass-type starter, alongside some exclusive extras. These include a trading card, voice chip and stylish ski hat-scarf combo. The set will set fans back $55, while buying Bulbasaur alone costs $35.

bulbasaur in scarf and hat
Seasonally appropriate.
Build-A-Bear Workshop/The Pokémon Company

This is a momentous occasion for the oft-forgotten Bulbasaur, whose introduction to Pokémon’s Build-A-Bear lineup comes months after its fellow gen-one starters. When Squirtle arrived in May of this year — almost six months after Charmander launched — it was safe to assume that the Workshop would bring Bulbasaur on board next. Not so: Meowth arrived earlier this fall, making it clear where the stuffed animal retailer’s priorities were. Vulpix came not long after that, another sign that Bulbasaur just might not be on enough people’s radars.

But the Pokémon fans noticed, and many of them weren’t happy. The Bulbasaur Defense Force came out on Twitter in full swing after Vulpix’s reveal:

However we may feel about Bulbasaur, it’s nice to know that it has something to smile about now. The Buld-A-Bear is not yet available in stores; it’s expected to arrive this weekend.