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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon somehow make Mimikyu even weirder

It just wants to snuggle ... sir, please ...

Poor Mimikyu — the Alola region’s special Pikachu knockoff — already has a reputation for being the most deceptively dark Pokémon of the current generation. While the ghost-/fairy-type Pokémon has developed a cult fandom since last year’s Pokémon Sun and Moon because of its creepy-cute style, its appearance in upcoming Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon plays up just how disturbing it is.

Mimikyu will receive an exclusive new Z-Move in the next set of games, which are out on Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 17. Using the new Mimikium Z item, a Z-Crystal that allows players to power up the little guy, Mimikyu can tap into its hidden strength to unleash an attack called Let’s Snuggle Forever.

It sounds adorable. It kind of is on the surface level, even: Mimikyu gets big enough to hug a Pokémon of any size, receiving the warm embrace it so desperately wants and never can get. But Mimikyu’s version of a hug is actually terrifying. It engulfs its target with its cloak, covering their entire being and squeezing them so hard that they faint.

Well, at least Mimikyu’s owner is proud of it. We, on the other hand, will continue to watch the Pokémon from over there, far, far away from its hug-craving body.

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