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Noctis from Final Fantasy 15 is coming to Tekken 7

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Joins the fighting game roster this coming spring

Tekken 7’s roster is getting Final Fantasy 15’s Noctis this spring. The surprise announcement was made at the Tekken World Tour Finals, catching the crowd off guard and receiving a rousing ovation.

In the trailer above, Noctis shows off his magical abilities and his signature Engine Blade in combat. He’s battling on a new stage, too, the Hammerhead Garage from FF15.

Noctis will arrive in a spring 2018 DLC package. He follows the next DLC addition to the roster, Geese Howard, from SNK’s Fatal Fury franchise, due to arrive sometime by the end of this year. That character was announced back in July.

Interestingly enough, Sunday’s announcement came on the anniversary of another Final Fantasy character being announced for a fighting game roster.

Other Twitter reactions were just as jubilant.

That tweet references Saturday’s surprise announcement that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are joining Injustice 2’s roster in its next Fighter Pack.