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Fire Emblem Heroes’ story expands with major update

Introducing ‘Book 2’

fjorm from fire emblem heroes DeNA/Nintendo

An update for Fire Emblem Heroes goes live tonight, introducing heaps of new content. Most significant among the additions is an entire new chapter of the mobile game’s story, which Nintendo is calling the “second book.”

The new storyline stars new characters: Fjorm, the ice princess, will team up with other Fire Emblem characters to defeat Surtr, the so-called ruler of flame. If it’s not obvious by their titles, the second book is all about the ongoing fight between fire and ice.

To celebrate the next part of Fire Emblem Heroes’ plot, Nintendo will offer up a five-star version of Fjorm to all players once they’ve beaten the first part of Book Two. Maps comprising chapters one and two are now available, so finish those off to get a new top-ranked fighter for your team.

fjorm concept art — FEH
A closer look at Fjorm, an original hero.

Speaking of maps: The update will now cap stamina costs for all story and paralogue maps at just 10 points, so that players have more chances to plow through the expanding narrative. They’ll also be able to collect and hold onto more characters, as barracks expand by 100, no matter the size.

For people who are into Fire Emblem Heroes less for the story and more for the familiar Fire Emblem faces, there are new legendary heroes available as well. Players can try their hand at winning lesser known favorites like Dorcas (from Fire Emblem 7) and Lute (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) starting tonight, as part the “Farfetched Heroes” event.

Other gameplay tweaks, like the Weapon Refinery feature and a more forgiving cooldown timer on special skills, are also en route. Fire Emblem Heroes fans can look forward to continuing updates as part of the content rollout through the end of November.

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