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Nintendo Switch home menu icon makeovers are getting their own trailers now

Kingdom: New Lands looks a lot better on your console

new kingdom: new lands icon switch Raw Fury

Nintendo Switch owners have pretty strong feelings about aesthetics, especially when it comes to home menu icons. Raw Fury, the indie publisher of strategy sim Kingdom: New Lands, is well aware of this — which is why it chose to focus an entire trailer on how it’s prettied up the game’s controversial icon design.

When it first came to Switch in September, Kingdom: New Lands had a simplistic icon: a pixelated crown on a black background. This goes against Nintendo’s reported guidelines for what a game’s menu icon should look like, but it also just ... doesn’t look very good.

kingdom: new lands switch icon
Yeah ... not great.
Raw Fury

Unsurprisingly, the sect of Switch fans with strong aesthetic preferences weren’t happy. They voiced their distaste for Kingdom: New Lands’ look to Raw Fury in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit that coincided with the game’s launch.

“Yeah, we're going to update it in the near future with one of our keyart images,” Hamza Aziz, a representative for Raw Fury, wrote of the icon. “We've been using that crown logo for all the other versions up till now but we've seen the feedback from the Nintendo audience and will SWITCH it.” (Note that he did not apologize for this pun.)

While not all Redditors were against the icon, Raw Fury changed it yesterday as part of a larger version update. The publisher even cheered in the new look with a trailer on its Twitter page.

I have to say: It does look way, way, way nicer.

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