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Super Mario Odyssey glitches make Cappy a murderer, let Mario swim on air

The game’s glitches are almost as fun as the real thing

mario odyssey glitch
Mario, the world’s first ex-plumber to swim through air.
Nintendo via Reddit

It turns out that Super Mario Odyssey is almost as fantastic when it’s broken as when it works. Players are digging up all kinds of glitches and sharing the results online for the rest of us to enjoy ... and maybe even recreate.

The most popular one by far is this quirk shared user NichtSascha on Twitter. Ever wanted to just play as Cappy? This glitch let them do just that in co-op mode, where one player accidentally killed off Mario while Cappy was able to live on.

Kotaku was able to recreate the glitch, although we had some trouble on our end. (Those Piranha Plants aren’t the easiest to capture without killing, OK?) But a reply to this tweet, which comes from user Spiderfog, shows a separate glitch that seems even harder to pull off ourselves.

Above, watch as the entire game “soft-locks” because of Mario’s failed attempt to capture an enemy that was already on its way to death’s door. This is a highly specific glitch that happened because of the two actions occurring within the same frame, so good luck trying to freeze up Odyssey this way on your own.

I’m into this glitch from Victorlune on Twitter. Mario jumps off the side of a cliff, which should probably kill him quickly. But instead, a pillar clips entirely through the cliff wall, giving Mario access to this strange and invisible stronghold so that he can climb back up to safety. This bug suggests that Nintendo created assets like the pillar to just continue extending into the ground, and this glitch exposes that otherwise unseen element.

(Also: The kingdom’s music makes this even more supernatural-seeming, which is a big reason why I dig it so much. Man, it’s creepy.)

Here’s one from Reddit that also introduces us to a bizarre, totally invisible part of the game. Mario jumps into the air, but instead of falling back to the ground abruptly as always, he ... somehow is able to swim around in it?

This glitch looks repeatable, too; check out this lengthy look at Mario transforming into the world’s first flying Cheep-Cheep.

Seen anything else good? Please share it with the class. I’m obsessed with these Odyssey oddities now, just as I was with Breath of the Wild’s similarly good glitches.

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