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Rotten Tomatoes reveals its rating for Justice League, and it’s not great

Any guesses?

Has DC Found Their Groove With Justice League?

Think you know the #JusticeLeague Tomatometer Score? See the official reveal.

Posted by See It/Skip It on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rotten Tomatoes aggregates the review scores of other outlets to create what it calls the “Tomatometer,” a single numerical score that’s meant to indicate whether a film is worth seeing or should be skipped.

The Tomatometer score for Justice League, which opens in preview engagements today, was held for 24 hours after the reviews themselves came in so Rotten Tomatoes can hype the reveal during its Facebook series See It/Skip It, which is meant to give the illusion of authority based on how Rotten Tomatoes sees the review scores of outlets it tracks.

You can watch the Justice League episode of the show at the top of this post, but most people are going to be mostly interested in the number. We won’t leave you in suspense.

Rotten Tomatoes

That’s not exactly an impressive score, and it shows that critics are pretty well aligned in their dislike of the film. The 43 percent score may be an improvement from Batman v Superman’s 27 percent and Suicide Squad’s 26 percent, but it’s a major step down from Wonder Woman’s amazing 92 percent score.

These films have been largely review proof, bringing in huge amounts of ticket sales despite the overwhelming critical derision, and Justice League is expected to be no different.

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