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Pre-Black Friday Target 2017: deals on board games and toys

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Discount applies in-store and online

elinor_seafall Charlie Hall/Polygon

Target will be offering 25 percent off toys and games this Saturday, well in advance of its traditional Black Friday sale. Discounts will be applied automatically, both in-store and online.

Over the past few years, Target has made a big push into the hobby games market. Their toy section now includes titles from many smaller and independent developers and publishers. The selection even includes products that are exclusive to Target stores.

This sale excludes the Cards Against Humanity line of products, Exploding Kittens, Imploding Kittens, Bears vs. Babies, Joking Hazard and several toy categories as well.

Here’s our picks for the best tabletop games that will be marked down 25 percent at Target on Nov. 18.

As of today, there are a few board games that are discounted more than 25 percent, making them excellent purchases. No word if these deals will carry over through this weekend’s sale.