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The SNES Classic outsold the PS4 and Xbox One again in October

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug

SNES Classic with original SNES on the left
The original Super Nintendo Entertainment System (left) next to the Super NES Classic Edition.
Ross Miller/Polygon
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Nintendo followed up its stellar September by taking the top two spots on the U.S. hardware sales charts yet again in October, the company announced today.

The Nintendo Switch was the top-selling gaming console in the U.S. during the month of October, followed by the Super NES Classic Edition, according to data from the retail tracking firm NPD Group. That’s an inversion of September, when the SNES Classic came in ahead of the Switch. Either way, Nintendo continues to outdo Sony and Microsoft: The Switch has outsold the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One every month from July onward. And in both September and October, Nintendo’s hardware performance (including the 3DS) accounted for two-thirds of all U.S. gaming hardware sales, which surpassed 1 million units — the first time that has happened in October since 2011.

Nintendo pulled off an impressive feat in September, considering that the SNES Classic launched on the second-to-last day of the month but still topped the hardware chart. Still, Nintendo’s October performance may be even more notable for the retro console’s continued dominance. There was the expected craze for the SNES Classic at its launch, but that demand clearly stayed high through October. What’s more, Nintendo was able to continue supplying enough units beyond the launch week to keep meeting that persistent demand.

When Nintendo announced the SNES Classic in late June, the company promised to produce “significantly more” units than it did for last year’s impossible-to-find NES Classic Edition. Nintendo clearly did its job for launch day and well afterward, which is a promising sign for people looking to pick up the must-have stocking stuffer during the holiday shopping season.

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