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How to find the Zelda gear in Skyrim on the Switch

Get ready to grab some sweet, sweet gear

Bethesda has “hidden” three Zelda-themed items in the Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim, but they’re relatively easy to find even if you don’t own any amiibo. The game includes the Champion’s Tunic, Hylian Shield and the Master Sword, and if you equip them all at once you’re ready to basically cosplay as Link in Tamriel.

The most basic way to find all three items is to climb to the highest point in Skyrim, The Throat of the World, and there they will be in a chest for you to grab. The items themselves will scale to your present level, so be sure to grab them after you’ve spent some time on yourself first. The game’s story will ultimately take you to that location, so you’re bound to get the equipment whether you go specifically looking for it or not.

If you don’t want to let the game dictate when you find these items, you can tap the amiibo from any Legend of Zelda game to your Switch, as these toys give you a chance to grab any of the three items. Hit the “B” button to bring up the radial menu, tap left to select magic, scroll down to powers, and you’ll see the amiibo logo that indicates it’s safe to tap your amiibo.

Zelda amiibo won’t always give you one of the three pieces of gear, and you can only use each amiibo once per day, so you may have to be patient. Just like finding the gear in the game, the power of each item will be determined by your level once it drops. Unlike finding the gear in the chest however, you can do this more than once.

All of this is explained, and shown, in the video above. The idea of adjusting the day on your Switch to keep trying to get the items you want is a pretty devious maneuver.

But even if you don’t have Zelda-specific amiibo, tap any amiibo on your Switch and you’ll get some free gear. And who doesn’t like free gear?

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