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Watching a Super Mario Odyssey player dump hundreds of Moons at once is oddly calming

Fill that ship up real good

super mario odyssey — mario gets a moon Nintendo via Polygon

Super Mario Odyssey is packed with literally hundreds of collectibles — most prominently Moons, the coveted energy source of the ship in which Mario and Cappy travel throughout the game. And if you’re as good as Reddit user lyouke at finding these well-hidden items, you may end up with several hundred of them on hand at once.

While Super Mario Odyssey requires players to collect a finite number of Moons per Kingdom in order to progress, they can continue to look for as many of them as possible before moving on. For lyouke, that number was 471 Moons.

Yeah. He found 471 Moons in one level, which he proceeded to dump into the good ship Odyssey all in one go. It’s certainly the longest amount of time we’ve seen someone spend fueling their ship with Moons, because this is certainly the largest amount of Moons we’ve seen someone have on hand at once.

Watching the whole thing is ... strangely entrancing. There’s something satisfying about watching that parade of Moons march into the Odyssey’s fuel tank for almost a full minute. It’s the little things like this that remind us that Super Mario Odyssey is so damn charming, and often in surprising ways.

If you still need help finding Moons on your own, check out our guides to the game.

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