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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are filled with old faves — and every legendary Pokémon ever

Also: very cool sunglasses

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are looking to be shockingly comprehensive, nostalgia-filled entries in the series. The latest update from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games reveals that they’re loaded with legendary Pokémon — in fact, all legendary Pokémon from across the series will be obtainable.

From Pokémon Red and Blue’s legendary bird trio and Mewtwo all the way to Pokémon Sun and Moon’s legendaries, like Solgaleo, Lunala and Necrozma, players will be able to discover and catch them all in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. But they’ll need to sync up with someone who has the title they don’t own in order to collect the whole set.

The Pokémon Company shared which legendary Pokémon will be version exclusives; check out the images below to decide whether you prefer Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon’s group.

Ultra Sun’s exclusive legendary Pokémon
This is Ultra Sun’s exclusive legendary set.
The Pokémon Company
Pokémon Ultra Moon’s legendaries
Here’s Ultra Moon’s legendaries.

A cool addition alongside this is the Battle Agency, which allows players to rent some of these extra-strong, rare Pokémon and do battle. Also, you’ll be wearing “agent sunglasses” while doing so, according to The Pokémon Company, which is pretty nice.

battle agency artwork from ultra sun ultra moon
Those sunglasses are pretty sweet.
The Pokémon Company

Not only are there plenty of old-school legendaries, but there are beloved starter Pokémon from previous entries in the series available as well. These include Pokémon not available in last year’s Pokémon Sun and Moon, like Grovyle, Greninja and — most importantly! — Charmander.

Add in the much darker tone from last year’s pair of games and a new villainous supergroup, and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon become way more intriguing than we could have expected. The games launch Nov. 17; watch the trailer above for the lowdown.