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Please enjoy Monster Hunter: World’s cutest moment

It’s time to get cookin’, Palicos!

Chelsea Stark (she/her), executive editor, has been covering video games for more than a decade.

Monster Hunter: World has a cast of characters that is often far more memorable than those of other massive role-playing games. But none can compete with its feline cast of companions. The Palicos serve as more than just support; they’re also some of the game’s main comic relief elements.

There’s another very important thing they serve up: your dinner. The Palico chefs that handle your pre-hunt meals not only keep you filled up on purr-otien (these are the game’s puns, not mine!), but also possibly the best food-and-cat related cut scene in video game history.

Don’t believe me? Just watch for yourself above. If you want to read more about Monster Hunter: World, check out our extensive pre-review of the game’s first 14 hours. It will be out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Jan. 26, but there is an open beta Dec. 9-12 on PlayStation 4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. A Windows PC version is also expected but remains undated.

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