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Pokémon Go datamine uncovers new, unreleased Pokémon assets

Two more legendaries appear to be on their way

celebi in pokemon 4ever The Pokémon Company

A Pokémon Go dataminer has found models of unreleased Pokémon inside the game’s latest update. These assets belong to two of players’ most anticipated monsters — leading some to speculate that Niantic will soon make them obtainable.

ZeChrales, a member of the Pokémon Go community who regularly dumps assets on their GitHub page, worked through the game’s latest version and hit on fully-rendered models of Ho-Oh and Celebi. These are two of the remaining second-gen Pokémon as of yet unobtainable in the mobile title, and the only legendary monsters from that generation that players can’t yet capture.

ho-oh in pokemon go
Here’s Ho-Oh, which ZeChrales found in Pokémon Go’s new version files.
Niantic via Imgur

Talk of Pokémon Gold cover star Ho-Oh’s reveal has swirled since Lugia, its Pokémon Silver counterpart, debuted in Pokémon Go back in July. Speculation points toward the legendary’s introduction coming as part of a seasonal event later this fall — perhaps around Thanksgiving time.

Of course, that remains pure speculation. But now that Niantic has developed and embedded models of both Ho-Oh and the even more rare Celebi into Pokémon Go, it’s fair to expect that they’ll appear in-game sooner than later. (There’s even a special shiny version of Ho-Oh tucked into the Pokémon Go version update’s assets.)

Still left unseen from the second generation Pokémon, Celebi and Ho-Oh aside, are Delibird and Smeargle. These aren’t legendary or mythical monsters, making their continued exclusion a bit ... odd. But we’re sure Niantic will tie their debuts to some special promotion eventually.

We’ve reached out to the developer for details on Ho-Oh and Celebi’s potential introduction and will update accordingly.

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