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Pokémon Go’s next event could help you finally finish your Pokédex

Help trainers worldwide catch Pokémon and reap the rewards

farfetch’d in pokemon go Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Niantic has launched a worldwide challenge for Pokémon Go players to encourage them to get out their and catch ‘em all — and take home an enticing reward or two in the process. From Nov. 20-26, the Pokémon Go Global Catch Challenge will encourage players to travel beyond their usual training grounds so that they can collectively grab more billions of Pokémon.

Seriously: billions. Niantic is keeping count of how many Pokémon are caught until Nov. 26, with certain milestones unlocking a new tier of prizes. The developer will dole out the first set of rewards once trainers cross the 500 million-mark, unlocking double experience points and a six-hour timer on Pokémon-alluring incense.

The best part of each tier, however, is that more Pokémon will spring up across the globe with each benchmark. The top prize is the gold tier, which has two huge prizes: If players catch a collective three billion Pokémon, the region-exclusive Farfetch’d will become obtainable worldwide for 48 hours. Kangaskhan, which is exclusive to Oceania, will also start springing up in East Asia during that period.

pokemon go global catch challenge rewards Niantic/The Pokémon Company

For many Pokémon Go players outside of Asian countries, Farfetch’d has been impossible to find. It’s only available in areas like Japan and South Korea, so if you haven’t been abroad, Farfetch’d may be one of the only Pokémon you haven’t caught.

There are other region-locked monsters beyond Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan, like Mr. Mime and Heracross. But the Global Catch Challenge will bring us all one step closer to finishing up our collections — that is, if players can get out there and find three billion monsters to catch before Nov. 26.

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