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Please enjoy a chat between two Pikachu-speaking smart home devices

If you’ve got an Amazon Echo and Google Home, try this

a pair of pikachu The Pokémon COmpany

Hey, man: If you want to indulge society’s increasing acceptance of all-knowing technology, that’s your prerogative. I can’t say I’m totally opposed to devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home; it’s pretty cool that they can tell you the weather or even turn off your lights. But also: They can turn off your lights. That’s a lot of power for one object.

The Pokémon Company has seized this power and found a way to channel it for the greater good. An app available on both of these interactive home assistants, Pikachu Talk, serves a single purpose. Install it to the devices, and they’re able to speak back to you in Pikachu’s voice.

There’s not much benefit to Pikachu Talk, beyond the immediate warm and fuzzy feeling you get from hearing Pikachu laugh and cheer and make all the usual noises. A Japanese user of the app and owner of both an Amazon Echo and a Google Home found the best use for Pikachu Talk, however, forcing them to have a conversation. And that’s how the adorable video below was born, with these two all-powerful devices chatting it up in Pikachu-speak.

It’s adorable, to the point where I would almost consider allowing one of these home assistants into my home. But I’ll stick with a Pikachu Build-A-Bear, I think. Should you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home already, Pikachu Talk will launch in the West in 2018. The app is available in Japan now.

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