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Street Fighter Transformers line reimagines Ryu as Optimus Prime

Capcom and Takara Tomy team up

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Capcom and toymaker Takara Tomy are teaming up for a new line of Transformers toys based on Street Fighter 2. The toyline, which will hit Japan in May 2018, mashes up Ryu, Ken, Chun-li and M. Bison with four famous Transformers.

Ryu will take on the form of Transformer Convoy (known stateside as Optimus Prime) and can transform into a semi truck and a jet. His nemesis, M. Bison, will assume the form of Megatron, another triple-changer who can transform into a tank and a jet. Takara Tomy is selling those two Transformers as a set for 12,960 yen (about $116).

Ken and Chun-li will merge with the world of Transformers as Hot Rod and Arcee, respectively. Both can transform into futuristic cars, and like Ryu and Bison, can be posed to approximate their special moves. Ken and Chun-li are being sold as a set for 8,640 yen (about $77).

Takara Tomy’s Ryu, Ken and M. Bison Transformers also happen to be Headmasters, the type of robot in disguise whose head also transforms into a mini-bot. That means you can have a tiny Ken Transformers sitting in the driver’s seat of a Hot Rod in car form. It’s adorable.

Check out Takara Tomy’s Street Fighter 2 × Transformers lineup in the gallery below.

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