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Battlefront 2 has an official, wearable Inferno Squad helmet

It’s $400, though ...

Inferno Squadron Stormtrooper lid Anovos/Electronic Arts/Lucasfilm

Feast your eyes on the ultimate Stormtrooper hat. One you can wear in the comfort of your own, uh, wherever.

The sci-fi collectibles maker Anovos is offering the Inferno Squad Commander Helmet worn in Star Wars Battlefront 2 by the canon’s newest character, Iden Versio. Her actor, Janina Gavankar, spotted the prop and touted it on Twitter over the weekend.

This thing is regular price $399.95 though, pre-order price $339.95. The lower price is good until Nov. 28. The product listing notes that it “does not offer protection” so keep that in mind, too.

The helmet does offer an adjustment system to offer a snug fit. It will fit up to a U.S. size 8 hat size. Not many domes are larger than a size 8 (my jug is 7 3/4) so that’s plenty of room.

It’s outfitted with custom squadron sigils for Inferno Squad, which Versio leads. The lenses also are tinted red in case the rest of the helmet didn’t communicate enough bad-assery.