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Gazillion cans Marvel Heroes team

Action-RPG set to close tomorrow

Marvel Heroes Omega
Marvel Heroes Omega
Gazillion Entertainment / Marvel

Marvel Heroes publisher Gazillion Entertainment laid off most of its employees yesterday.

The company had already announced plans to wind down Marvel Heroes by the end of the year. A letter sent company-wide by CEO David von Dorman informed staff that they were being terminated immediately, with just a few remaining to handle the company's wind-down.

According to a report in PCGamesN, Marvel Heroes will be shut down at the end of this week. Dismayed employees took to Twitter, explaining that they had expected to be working — and receiving benefits — until the end of the year.

The game is a free-to-play action-RPG featuring a cast of Marvel’s superheroes and villains. Originally released in 2013 on PC, it was later re-released under the names Marvel Heroes 2015, Marvel Heroes 2016 and Marvel Heroes Omega, the game’s current incarnation. A version of Marvel Heroes Omega was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year.