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Nintendo says it’s investigating Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp server errors

Free Leaf Tickets also on offer

animal crossing pocket camp artwork
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Yesterday, we bemoaned the sorry state of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's servers. The new mobile game suffers from some painful server problems, leading to frequent crashes, communication errors and infinite load times.

It seems Nintendo has taken note of the problem. A new message has popped up in the game addressing the game's performance.

Blaming "high traffic," the message states that "the issue is still occurring intermittently. Please be aware that we are investigating it and will resolve it as soon as possible. Thank you to those users who have contacted us or left feedback regarding this issue."

The company has thrown in an in-game currency gift of 20 Leaf Tickets for any player who plays over the next month.

Nintendo’s apology
Thanks to Eurogamer

In an editorial yesterday, Polygon's Allegra Frank wrote: "The culprit behind the communication errors is pretty obvious. Mobile games based off Nintendo properties aren’t known for their stable servers; Pocket Camp is also a multiplayer-focused game with a big audience, so some lag is to be expected. But is it unfair to think that Nintendo would have gotten this together by now?"

In Pocket Camp, players manage and personalize their own campsite through crafting and collecting rewards. It's the first mobile game based on the popular Animal Crossing series.

Thanks to Eurogamer.

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