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Doom mod mocks loot box madness

Keys and random drops added to classic

Doom Loot Box Mod
Rip and Tear

Electronic Arts' decision to insert loot box-driven gameplay into Star Wars Battlefront 2 may well turn out to have been one of the worst in publishing history.

The company had to pull back after consumer uproar. Gamers have had enough of crappy free-to-play gouging grafted onto full-price games, a brazen attempt by big companies to squeeze more cash out of their customers.

Modder Rip and Tear has struck a hit against these predatory practices with a clever piece of work: Doom Loot Box Mod.

It's basically 1993 first-person shooter classic Doom, except weapons drops are replaced with occasional loot boxes. These can only be opened with keys dropped randomly (and rarely) by slain enemies. With weapons much harder to find, Doom becomes a more challenging game. But the real point is to mock loot box design. Players can enter a (fake-front) marketplace and peruse purchasable loot boxes and keys.

For a more detailed look at the mod, here's StronkiTube making his way through the early levels, in search of Doom loot.

Thanks to VG247.

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