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Star Wars Battlefront 2 players are ruining the game with rubber bands

Who could have predicted this? (Everyone.)

Electronic Arts

The economy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 is based entirely around credits now that premium transactions have been removed from the game, and earning enough credits to buy the loot boxes to get the cards you need or to unlock the heroes you want can take a lot of time. So clever players have found physical ways to cheat the system.

While one player created a simple robot to keep their character moving in order to farm credits without being removed from the game due to inactivity, the same thing can be done by simply adding a few rubber bands to your controller.

You may be hurting your team’s chances at winning and annoying the rest of the players on the server, but this is the world EA and DICE have created. It feels weird to get angry at players who are trying to stretch what’s acceptable inside an economy that was this ill-conceived.

Just in case you want to ruin the game for others while earning enough credits to get whatever you want, this is how it’s done.

It’s come to this
F0ngen on Reddit

It’s hard to get mad at these players due to the fact the economy has been hated since the first days of the beta. Locking away content in this manner and focusing on playing long hours to get credits to try to get the things you want from loot crates that randomly spit out loot gives players an incentive to give up and start farming.

Right now you can get a minimum amount of credits just for showing up, which is what these farms are after. You can increase the amount you earn by doing well and taking part of each objective — and credits are given for playing the campaign and arcade mode as well — so this is merely the easiest way to get credits without putting any actual work into the process.

This is what happens when your economy is bad. Things get sad for everyone, very quickly. These phantom players are going to ruin the online experience, and EA and DICE have no one to blame but themselves.

We’ve reached out to EA and DICE for comment and will update when they respond.