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Cuphead custom cabinet is the must-have can’t-have gift of the holiday season

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Only one available, and it’s not for sale

If Cuphead was an actual arcade cabinet video game, it’d probably take $587.75 to complete, except for that one high school outcast who could nonchalantly chain American Spirits while mining crystals in Sinistar. Everyone knew somebody like that, right? They were the best at those punishing old school teenage hangout games.

Anyway, here’s a custom cabinet built by John Sellers specifically for Cuphead. The coin slot door opens to reveal the Xbox One inside powering the game and the monitor, so it can play games other than Cuphead — assuming that single stick and five buttons covers everything they need. Here’s Sellers taking on Werner Werman, the boss battle of Murine Corps in Inkwell Isle Three.

The cabinet itself is all Cuphead though. This doesn’t appear to be anything on offer, just one fan’s stylish throwback for a video game borne of the same intentions. But it’d be nice to find that old skoad who could beat Sinistar like it was a joke and, now in his 40s, see how he’d do against Cuphead.