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Destiny 2 is getting a free trial

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Try out Destiny 2 for free starting Nov. 28

Destiny 2 - three Guardians key art Bungie/Activision

Bungie and Activision are releasing a free trial version of Destiny 2 on Nov. 28. The free trial will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC (via and Xbox One.

Destiny 2’s free trial will include two of the game’s destinations: the European Dead Zone (EDZ) on Earth and the moon Titan. Players will also be able to visit the Farm social space.

Players will have access to campaign missions and adventures set on the EDZ and Titan during the free trial. Players can also partake in competitive multiplayer in the Crucible, though they will be restricted to quickplay playlists. They can also join a clan and earn clan experience. Destiny 2’s free trial will let players advance to level 7, and their progress will carry over to the full game, if they purchase it.

Bungie released a similar trial version for the original Destiny a few months after that game launched.

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