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Video games described by Eric Andre Show stills are good

We’re thankful for this beautiful Twitter thread

eric andre show still Adult Swim via Twitter

Even by late-night cable block Adult Swim’s standards, The Eric Andre Show is extremely strange. That strangeness makes it special, though — and it also makes it a perfect distillation of some similarly absurd video games.

Not sure how that makes sense? Stay with me here: Twitter user Bionicle Sex gives us an entire thread of examples where The Eric Andre Show matches perfectly with games as wide-ranging as Yakuza, The Sims 3, Habbo Hotel and Katamari Damacy. Using screens from the talk show parody, Bionicle Sex has shone a new light on some of the greatest titles of all time.

Here are some solid examples. The thread kicks off with a very good interpretation of Fallout:

This is exactly how I’d pitch Kingdom Hearts to someone:

This Cuphead portrait is especially inspired:

If you’ve seen Monster Factory, you know this take on Bethesda’s character creator is too real:

I straight-up yelped when I saw this Yakuza one. Eric Andre’s hair is on point:

OK, yes, this is exactly what Mass Effect 2 is like:

Eric Andre meets No Man’s Sky with painful accuracy:

Bionicle Sex is still at it. Thank you, Bionicle Sex, for allowing both Eric Andre and gaming as a medium realize their true potential and purpose.

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